How do I proceed with my booking?2021-10-27T08:45:41+00:00

Please send us your email address, we’ll send you the Terms and Conditions. If everything is agreeable to you, please sign the T&C and send it back to us to move forward with the reservation. Also please fill out the following: Home Address: # of Pax: How many adults? How many kids? Do you have pets that you’ll bring? Car type: Plate number:

Can we have personal guests come over during our stay?2021-10-27T08:37:30+00:00

If you are receiving guests that are not included in your initial booking, there will be additional charges. It is best to coordinate this with our team prior your check-in.

Is there public transportation available?2021-10-27T06:53:43+00:00

There are jeepneys that pass by the main road very seldom.

How far is Blackwood coming from Metro Manila?2021-10-27T06:48:23+00:00

It is about 53Km+ from Bonifacio Global City if you take the Marikina-Infanta Road.

Is there age limit for guests?2021-10-27T08:35:09+00:00

There is no age limit per guest. However, depending on advise of the local government, it is best to send us a message so we can give real-time advise.

What are the requirements to book?2021-10-27T07:09:27+00:00

For your safety, we require the following per guest:

-Vaccination ID or Medical Certificate

-Filled out Health Declaration Form

-Valid Government ID

Do you serve food?2021-10-27T08:51:59+00:00

Yes! Please refer to Cafe for menu and pricelist.

Are we allowed to have parties?2021-10-27T08:37:07+00:00

We require our guests to declare the reason for booking whether to is for staycation, birthday celebration or reunion. For casual occasions, we allow as long as declared. There are different charges for formal occasions that have different setups and technical requirements. It is best to talk to our team for coordination 🙂

Are there nearby restaurants?2021-10-27T08:53:43+00:00

There are a lot. We can provide a list upon booking.

Can we go earlier than our check-in time?2021-10-27T08:38:23+00:00

Yes you may! You can stay in the cafe or go around the non-exclusive areas such as the waterfalls and short trail. However, we do not guarantee parking slots at this time.

Can we stay beyond our check-out time?2021-10-27T08:38:40+00:00

This depends on the check-in time of the next guest. Kindly coordinate with our team prior to your check-in 🙂

Is my booking transferrable?2021-10-27T08:42:23+00:00

Please refer to terms and conditions signed upon booking.

How long is the travel time?2021-10-27T06:51:51+00:00

From Taguig/Makati area: approximately 1-1.2hrs without traffic From Pasig/Marikina area: approximately 1hr without traffic From Rizal area (depending on exact location): 40min to 1.2hrs without traffic From Las Pinas/Paranaque: approximately 1.5-2hrs without traffic From Calamba/Sta Rosa: approximately 1.5-2hrs without traffic From Quezon City (depending on exact location): 1-2hrs without traffic

Are there checkpoints going to Blackwood?2021-10-27T07:10:12+00:00

We have no control over this and it could change on a day to day or a week to week basis. Kindly send us a message so we can give you answers real-time 🙂

How far is the waterfalls from the villa? Can we swim there?2021-10-27T08:51:16+00:00

The falls is approximately 200-meters away from the villa. It is not recommended for for swimming. Please take extra caution going down the steep stairs to reach the falls.

Is there a curfew?2021-10-27T08:43:46+00:00

There is no curfew within Blackwood property. However, we have a curfew of 6:00PM at the Sierra Madre gates. If you have plans on going out and arriving at a later time, please inform our staff beforehand.

Can we go outside of Blackwood?2021-10-27T08:54:02+00:00

Yes you can! You may explore tourist spots if you opt to or try out the restaurants nearby. However, we have a curfew of 6:00PM at the Sierra Madre gates. If you have plans on arriving at a later time, please inform our staff beforehand.

Are there gas stations near the area?2021-10-27T06:53:10+00:00

The nearest gas station going east is 10Km+ away while going south is about 20Km+ away.

What are the inclusions of my booking?2021-10-27T06:57:47+00:00

? Exclusive use of accommodation booked

?‍♀️ Exclusive use of swimming pool of accommodation booked

? Exclusive access to garden

?️ Free Parking Slot

? Free access to waterfalls

Are there different routes I could take going to Blackwood?2021-10-27T06:50:37+00:00

Yes. You can either take the Marikina-Infanta Road or Tanay-Sampaloc Road.

What kind of roads should we expect?2021-10-27T06:52:23+00:00

You can expect a windy road with if you take the Marikina-Infanta Road. When you reach Sierra Madre Hotel, you will be taking a 700m narrow road inside to reach Blackwood.

Can I cancel my booking?2021-10-27T08:39:09+00:00

Please refer to terms and conditions signed upon booking.

Do you allow pets?2021-10-27T08:35:44+00:00

Yes! Pets are welcome to Blackwood too! Please declare what pet/s you are bringing. We charge a cleaning fee if you tag them along. Cleaning fee rates starts at P1000 depending on size and type.

Can we bring food and cook?2021-10-27T08:36:43+00:00

Yes of course! You have a kitchen to cook your meals and you may also rent our griller for P500 per day. We do not charge corkage fee for food. But you can also opt to order from our restaurant and cafe.

How deep is the Nature Dome Pool?2021-10-27T08:50:56+00:00

Adult Pool -up to 7.5ft deep

Kiddie Pool -3-4ft deep

What is the best time to leave from my house going to Blackwood?2021-10-27T06:54:12+00:00

Just like in any travel you may have, it is best you do not travel during rush hour. Our favorite is early morning around 5AM-6AM with less cars and cool breeze. You’ll arrive in Blackwood just in time for breakfast!

Are we allowed to bring home plants from the area?2021-10-27T08:38:03+00:00

Sorry plantitos and plantitas! This is not allowed. If you really like some plants, kindly inform our team and we’ll see what we can do!

Should we bring SUVs only? Can small cars reach Blackwood?2021-10-27T06:52:47+00:00

SUVs are not a requirement to go to Blackwood. Our guests vehicles range from the likes of Toyota Wigos to Porsche Boxters! We only advise that you drive with caution and utmost care.

Where is the bonfire area? Can we light it up ourselves?2021-10-27T08:51:39+00:00

The bonfire area is between the kiddie pool and entrance to the garden. Guests are not allowed to light up the bonfire themselves. Our staff will be there to assist you.

Where is Blackwood located?2021-10-27T07:09:48+00:00

Blackwood is located at Km58, Marikina-Infanta Highway, Barangay Mayagay, Tanay, Rizal. We are inside Sierra Madre Hotel And Convention Center.

Is it safe to travel at night?2021-10-27T06:49:58+00:00

We do not recommend night travel especially for the first time. However, our team have tried traveling going and leaving Blackwood at night. As long as your lights are perfectly working and you’re driving cautiously, your travel should be safe 🙂

Is Blackwood located at the main road?2021-10-27T07:10:20+00:00

No we are not located at the main road. Your landmark would be Sierra Madre Hotel located at Km58 of Marikina-Infanta Highway. Once you reach the gates, you are 700m away from Blackwood.

How deep is the Nature Villa Pool?2021-10-27T08:50:34+00:00

Adult Pool -up to 7ft deep

Kiddie Pool -3-4ft deep

What do I type if I use Waze to navigate?2021-10-27T06:51:05+00:00

Search for Blackwood Resort, Tanay, Rizal

Can I reschedule my booking?2021-10-27T08:40:19+00:00

Please refer to terms and conditions signed upon booking.

Are there other activities we can do?2021-10-27T08:50:10+00:00

Free activities: -Board games -Books -Waterfalls

For rental/services: -Bonfire -Grill -Videoke -Volleyball -Floaters

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